Heidi was born and raised in the countryside of Denmark - a friendly wildling of the North now based in London. Trained at East 15, and selected to represent the school as one of the “Stage Stars of the Next Generation” at The Evening Standard Theatre Awards in 2017. 


She is fluent in English and proficient in German.


At the age of 6 she wrote her first play, and recently co-wrote and performed in the highly acclaimed CENTRAL (STORY) LINE that toured in 2018 and 2019. She is a deviser known for making bold choices, working quickly on her feet, while retaining an attention to detail.

She is passionate about new screen writing and historical dramas - and has a big love for the drag community. 


Recent Work

Super 8 | Motivation (short) | 2020​



Nordic Narrative | TV-pilot | 2020​

Sonnet 119

Indigo Arts Collective| Shakespeare's Sonnets (viral) | 2020​

Mind the Gap | Nordic Funeral Feast (stage) | 2019​


Madil Hardis | Trinette (short) | 2019​


Fingers Crossed | Central Story Line (Stage - Tour) | 2018 & 2019


Height: 5”10

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eyes Color: Blue-Grey


Location: London & Copenhagen

Member of the Danish Actors Association (profile)

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