"Heidi C. Nielsen as head strong Louise was faultless as she seemed to age in front of our eyes, from young child to young at heart as an old lady. Keeping the slightly rebellious nature of Louise as a child, she was able to take that through adolescence, into adulthood and even through to old age."

Caroline James,

North West End, August 2018

Heidi is one of those performers any director longs to works with. She’s collaborative, she’s generous, she’s passionate, she’s quick on her feet. One of her best qualities is her ability to problem solve in the rehearsal room and her swiftness in coming up with a handful of ideas - all of which are highly ambitious and extremely creative.


One thing I can guarantee is that Heidi will commit 110% to the creative process by always demanding more of herself, constantly seeking areas to grow in, pushing herself to take risks (therefore motivating others to do the same) - resulting in a caliber of work that always exceeds my expectations.”

Daniela Atiencia,

International Freelance Director/Dramaturg/Deviser

"Heidi is a creative, intelligent, energetic and passionate actress. She's got a great analytical mind and delivers strong physical character work and her positive and open-minded attitude makes her the best co-star and colleague.


I would love to work with her anytime."

Troells Toya,



Heidi is currently filming a teaser for a new tv-project for Danish television - more info soon!

"Motivation" by Alexander Mannstaedt in which Heidi plays a supporting character just wrapped. Heidi stars as the doctor, who's in charge of a camp for rejected refugees. The premiere is in December '20.  

Heidi was recently a guest on Life Journey Institute's podcast. Her and Lajla Glumby discussed acting, meditation, following your heart and trusting your gut. You can listen to the episode right here on Spotify (in Danish)

Lastly - Heidi just got her UK SETTLED STATUS.

Stay tuned and stay safe x

I was born and raised in the countryside of Denmark - a friendly wildling of the North now based in London.


I spent the summer of 2014 in London working with industry professionals: Patsy Rosenberg, Ken Rea, Douglas Rintoul etc. and came back in 2015 to train as an actress at East 15 Acting School.


I wrote my first play when I was 6, and I co-wrote

and performed in the highly acclaimed CENTRAL (STORY) LINE that toured in 2018 and now 2019. I'm a deviser known for making bold choices, working quickly on my feet, while retaining an attention to detail.

I'm passionate about Shakespeare, new screen writing and historical dramas!


Boxing has become a great passion of mine, and I throw a mean uppercut. Otherwise love me some Netflix on the screens of my local gym - my favorite way of keeping the finger on the pulse.





I'm also a founding member of the theatre company

Fingers Crossed

- here's a teaser from our latest show "Central (Story) Line"

Check out our website www.fingerscrossedtheatre.com



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